Local Hotels

Looking for a hotel in Copenhagen for Game AI North? We've gathered links to some hotels nearby the conference venue.

Wakeup Copenhagen
Price per night from: 400 DKK for single room
Borgergade 9
1300 København K
A modern, low price hotel
 with a central Copenhagen location, easy access to transport, and free wifi
. 10 minutes to ITU by Copenhagen Metro

Price per night from: 560 DKK for single room
Mitchellsgade 14
1568 1568 København V
A budget hotel
 with private bathroom, desk, TV, and Wi-Fi
. 30 minute walk or 20 minute bus to ITU

Hotel Copenhagen
Price per night from: 595 DKK for single or double room
Egilsgade 33
2300 København S
Budget hotel
 with shared Bathroom
. 5 minute walk from ITU

Hotel Bethel
Price per night from: 795 DKK for single room
Nyhavn 22
1051 København K
Unfussy hotel in central Copenhagen close to tourist hotspot Nyhavn
. Free wifi, desk, TV. 
10 minutes to ITU by Copenhagen Metro

Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel
Price per night from: 1,270 DKK for standard room
Amager Blvd. 70
2300 København S
Premium hotel
 with views over the city
. Free internet
. 5 minute walk from ITU

Price per night from: 1,380 DKK for single room
Langebrogade 1A
1411 København K
A genuinely ridiculous choice – a hotel on a house boat
. Includes breakfast
. 15 minute walk to ITU

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