Game AI North

Thank you for attending Game AI North — We cannot wait to see you! (Or, if the conference is still going on, “Great seeing you!”) We’ve put together this little cheat sheet in order to answer some practical questions that might arise while you are here. If you have a question that we forgot to cover, or if you simply like asking questions, you are always welcome to speak to any member of the Game AI North event crew.

Schedule & Events

You can find detailed schedules at the back of your badge and on the event banners at the venue. Overall, both days start with coffee/tea/water at 9:00. There will be a one hour lunch break at 12:30/12:00, a half-hour coffee/tea/water break at 15:30/15:00, and content will end at 17:00/16:30.

Registration is open from 9:00 to 10:00 on day one - during the initial coffee break. Please remember to bring your ticket (on screen or paper), which will be exchanged for your t-shirt and badge. Members of the press and sponsor staff will need to bring ID.

As mentioned during the ticket purchasing process, remember that everyone at the conference is subject to its code of conduct.

You’re invited to join us for socializing, eating, and beering after the final sessions on day one (starting at 18:00). To better facilitate meet-ups, we have a couple of recommendations for pre-event (on the 16th at 18:00) and post-event (on the 18th at 18:00) in the Social section below.

Venue & Transport

The conference takes place at the IT University of Copenhagen:

Rued Langgaards Vej 7
2300 Copenhagen S

ITU is right between the “Islands Brygge” and “DR Byen” metro stations. That said, given construction in the area, “DR Byen” is probably a shorter path. Alternatively, bus access is available via routes 12, 33, and 77. For your optimal route via public transportation, you can use Rejseplanen.

Single- or multi-fare tickets can be purchased at metro- and train stations, while busses are only able to sell single-fare tickets (cash-only). Alternatively, you can buy a City Pass or an anonymous 'Rejsekort' (travel card) - note that the latter is available for purchase right in the arrivals hall of Copenhagen Airport (several other locations are available via the given link).

Should you wish to use taxi, the ITU information desk can book one for you. Alternatively, or when away from the venue, both the app and the local "Moove" (searching for "moove taxi" by "4x48" in your app store) are available.

If you arrive by car, parking is available at the venue at a rate of DKK 15 /hour. Of international car-sharing services, DriveNow is available in Copenhagen.

At the venue, sessions are split in two lecture halls - on either side of the main hall. The main hall holds the ITU information desk, the conference registration desk, the sponsor area, session wrap-up area, and the lunch area.

As a non-smoking facility, ITU directs smoking to a roof-covered area next to the main building.


For connecting with your fellow attendees, we recommend using the twitter hashtag #gain17 or the game-ai Slack channel of the same name. If you aren't already on the game-ai Slack channel, you'll need to create an account.

At the end of day one, we will head to The Dubliner Downtown around 18:00 to socialize. The kitchen will be open until 22:00 and the bar until far past bedtime. We will head from the venue in a group (or more likely groups), a few stops by metro to Kongens Nytorv / Kgs Nytorv - a short walk from the bar.

If you decide the join later, the address is:

Ny Østergade 14
1101 Copenhagen K


To ease meeting up, we recommend using The Dubliner Downtown for meeting pre-conference on the 16th at 18:00 and post-conference on the 18th at 18:00. Some organizers, speakers, and volunteers are likely to join (possibly a bit later) on both occasions.

Visiting Copenhagen

With few exceptions beyond bus fare and storage lockers, cash is dead in Copenhagen. Generally, all places of business take contactless/chip/magnet VISA cards and some will take MasterCard. More touristy areas will take a greater variance of cards and highly touristy areas may even take euros.

Cash can still be used most places, but such transactions are locally quite uncommon. Many young Danes have never seen actual Danish currency... only heard myths and stories from their grandparents.

While businesses in the touristy areas of the city will have their card readers prompt for tips, rest assured that all employees are already fully compensated by union-secured salaries. Locals generally do not tip - with the rare exception of absolutely exceptional restaurant service. Should you wish to tip anyway, service staff will commonly still accept with a smile.

Most locals get around by bike or public transportation. Taxis, while easily available, are generally more expensive than in other countries. Jaywalking is less common and veering into the bike lane is highly discouraged.